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Humpy Camels

The Camel Hire and Camel Ride Specialists in Western Australia.

Photo credit to Juliet Duval.

Special Events

Our camels have been used for special events including agricultural shows, various school holiday attractions and private parties.

Humpy Camels provides camel rides for Adults and children of all ages.

Wide range of Locations

Humpy Camels is based in Moora, northwest of Perth, where our working camels have plenty of room to roam and relax when not on the job. We travel the state from Geraldton in the north to Dunsborough in the south to satisfy our customers needs.

Camel Hire & Ride Specialists

Thinking about a special event involving camels?

Perhaps an Arabian Night or an appearance of the Three Wise Men at Christmas?

Our camels can be used for corporate functions, advertising, weddings, promotions, excursions, festivals and fetes.

Our Story

Humpy Camels has been providing camels for fun rides and special events throughout Western Australia since 2012.

Established by Camel owner and trainer Kevin Kramer, Humpy Camels prides itself on excellent customer service and an authentic camel experience.

Our purpose built camel saddles are unique in that they allow riders to ride safely without need to wear an equestrian helmet.

Humpy Camels have the only Safety Saddles in Australia. They are child and disabled person friendly.

Kids love to get up close and personal with our camels and are always eager to have a pat.

Parents love to get a unique family photo either taken by themselves or by one of the helpful Humpy Camels staff!

Meet the Team

Kevin Kramer

Kevin Kramer

Chief Camel Wrangler

Hailing from Nebraska in the United States, Kevin has worked with large animals all his life.

He used his highly developed skills in training horses, to move into the camel riding and hire business and has been working with camels off and on since the late 80’s.

Kevin is the man to speak to about what you need for your event.

General Staff

General Staff

General Camel Handlers

Humpy Camels takes great pride in providing jobs for young people in the Camel Hire & Ride business. It employs teenagers in Perth and the Margaret River Wine Region during the school holidays. For many of them it is their first job. So if you use Humpy Camels you are also supporting employment opportunities for Western Australia’s youth.

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